Birthday treats

Yesterday I grew one year older, it was my first birthday as a vegan and in amongst my lovely gifts lay a few foodie items for my delight.

My folks got me a fabulous measuring set and various veggie condiments for my culinary adventures.  Flax and hemp seed mixes, fake cheese, marinated tofu and oyster mushrooms and a yeast extract (full of b12) which I really hope doesn’t taste like marmite! I’m sure it’ll be great in sauces either way.

My hubbie got me some new scales – i love my old fashioned ones but we have a relatively small kitchen so these are fabulous and you can just go ahead and measure straight into the mixing bowl (less washing up – always a winner!)

There was however a lack of birthday cake! (To be fair he had worked a 14 hour shift the day before so I wasn’t too hard on him 🙂 )

This was quickly remedied by my puppy dog eyes, him having a quick gander on the interweb and a trip out to gather cake essentials.

This is what he came up with!!!!

Love it! He certainly knows how to make me giggle 🙂

It weighs a ton – he doesn’t do things by halves that’s for sure!

I’ll let you know if it passes the taste test as we will wait until the bambinos get home to chop into it 🙂 Something tells me it’ll be a sugar rush!

Out for a post birthday dinner tonight…..



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