noun /ˈvēgən/  /ˈvejən/
A person who does not eat or use animal products

kook /kuk/

noun Slang .

1. an eccentric, strange, or foolish person.

2. an insane person.

Or if you’re from certain areas of northern England, like my dear ole Grandad, it’s simply how to pronounce cook! (Although I won’t deny being slightly eccentric every now and then.)

  • The Vegan Kook was founded by a former cheese addict and lifelong animal lover after becoming a herbivore due to research into the vegan lifestyle for her university dissertation.

Me! – That’s right I’m writing this so I’ll break free from the third person 😉

Things about me

  • 27 years spent being semi-vegetarian (rarely eating meat products but fish and dairy were very much part of the picture) became obsolete practically overnight after learning not only about the health benefits of veganism but also the horrific manner in which most farm animals are treated in the name of food. In today’s society all the nutrients we require can be obtained from various plant based sources.
  • Asking my mum if I could be veggie at around 13 yielded the response “I’m not cooking two meals every day” (I love my mum to bits, honestly I look back and think why didn’t I just say: ok I’ll cook mine?!)
  •  I live with my vegan friendly omnivore husband who has prepared and invented some fabulous vegan meals since I converted my diet and my two beautiful young boys.
  • Always an eager cook and cake baker, I’ll be sharing new recipes and adaptations of typically meat dishes.
  • The lifestyle will be explored further with any tips or information I learn about fashion, beauty, green-living and reviews shared as I go along on my journey.
  • The vegan kook was created as a place to organise my thoughts, findings and experiences as a relatively new vegan.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. just to say I love your blog- real food for real vegans- no quirky ingredients and its good to see some UK products and ideas for a change!

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