Gastro delights at the Globe

Halloween preparations are underway and apparently that leaves little space in my brain banks to allow energy reserves for blogging of an evening.

Seriously tiredness has hit a new level and I’m sure I’ve not even been as busy as I should have been!

My birthday meal the other night was fabulous. We went to the Globe in Glossop, our local vegan pub.  It was the first time I’d been in and the food was great.  Nothing fancy, just as you would expect in any pub, but wonderful filling vegan pub grub.

I had the ‘steak’ and mushroom stew with rice, which to my meat-free palate tasted as I remembered a steak stew to taste.  My non-vegan family said they could tell it wasn’t steak but that didn’t take away from the great flavours and texture.

Everyone enjoyed their dishes, in fact it was my parents who recommended we go as they’d been before and enjoy some of the curries on offer.

As I’m a pudding person and it was my birthday we ordered 3 desserts to share between us: chocolate cake and cream, maple and walnut ice-cream and chocomint ice-cream.  They produce their own non-dairy ice-cream on site.  The maple walnut was gorgeous, definitely my favourite pud of the night.

We’ll be frequenting the Globe on a regular basis from now on I’m sure 🙂



I’ve been beyond excited to whip up some of the fabulous looking treats from babycakes since I picked up the  book a few months ago.

The book itself is wonderfully inspiring with glorious pictures and anecdotes from celebrity customers.  A wide variety of ideas for vegan, mostly gluten-free and mostly sugar-free recipes.

It gives three simple rules for baking when using the book:

  1. Read the recipe all the way through
  2. Identify and prepare all necessary ingredients
  3. Be precise. Follow directions as closely as possible.

We choose to try the meyer lemon and cherry cupcakes and the first thing I noticed was the vast amount of agave required, 400ml! That’ll make up for the lack of sugar then 🙂

Acquiring the ingredients required for the recipe we choose was something of a feat in itself, and a relatively pricey one at that, particularly the soy milk powder required for the icing at nearly £10!  I don’t know if it’s just because we’re on the other side of the pond or if these items are obscure in general but the local health food shop even had to order some things in for us.

They were also out of coconut oil when we went in and me being an eager beaver decided to ask my old pal google for alternatives (rule two broken!)  It said that butter would substitute so we went ahead with what we had (and rule three broken – eek.)

I wish we had waited as the result looked and smelled delicious but ended up being a tad dry, I wonder if the oil would have improved the texture.  Also as the icing also required coconut oil we had to hold off making that as well, which would have definitely added another element to the overall taste.

So as the old adage goes ‘fools rush in!’

I’ll do an update when they’re topped with icing – Coconut oil is being procured as I type 🙂

(I’m aware that I said this would be posted yesterday – I had a temporal time lapse occur in which I fell asleep at the same time as my children – bad times when you have work coming out of your ears and the evening when you have the peace to do it! Ah well catch up day it is 🙂 )