The Kind Diet, Evil Sugar and Fabulous Nutritious Oatmeal

Last night I fell asleep with the resolve that I would remove white sugar from my diet as much as possible (best timing just as the holidays approach hey! – whats life without a little challenge?)

I’ve been reading ‘The Kind Diet’ by Alicia Silverstone and love it 🙂

She writes in such a lovely down to earth tone, bringing you the facts you need to make better choices without feeling like shes pushing her viewpoint down your throat.  Sugar is something she discusses as one of her four ‘nasty foods’.  I’ve always known sugar isn’t particularly good for me but she explains how it uses our body’s vitamin and mineral resources to break it down.  So not only does it not contribute anything to our health it actually takes what is already there!

I typically don’t use sugar much throughout the day unless I’m baking or my brain didn’t get the memo that says I don’t want to have carbonated drinks anymore.  It frequently loses said memo, then blames the husband for putting the pepsi max in the fridge! What’s a girl to do?!

Today’s liquid consumption is water and herbal tea’s only.  I always have a lemon and ginger tea in the morning to help revive me, it’s delicious.

To start the day off with a bang I opted to try the ‘Quick Date-Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal’ instead of my usual peanut butter on toast.  I need to get more energy in my step especially now the temperatures are set to welcome Jack Frost back at any moment.

It was amazing, its the first time I’ve made porridge without any form of milk and honestly with all the other flavours I didn’t even notice. It was so simple, just mix oats, maple syrup, walnuts, apple (I used it all rather than just a 1/3 like it states), dates, cinnamon. Add boiling water until the oats are covered and add some flaxseed oil if you have it.                 (I did not 😦 )

I was out of dates so I swapped them with a nut and berry mix I had in and added a dessert spoon of the flaxseed mix I got last week.

What I would say if you’re anything like me, 1 cup of oats was too much so I’d half it next time with the same amount of fruit.

I’d definitely recommend this book, the recipes look wonderful, it captures you visually and its all printed in eco-friendly recycled paper and soy inks! As if we’d expect anything less from Alicia.



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