Raw food adventures

Just a quick one today about my accidental foray into raw food whilst visiting my folks house yesterday.  I was rummaging through their fridge to see what I could see and the fresh veggies looked wonderful so I whipped up this fabulous little salad.

Apple, red cabbage, celery, carrots, tomatoes, hummus and flaxseed.  It was delicious and it was only after I made it I realised it was all raw food and therefore even more super-duper healthy.

That was it I was inspired and ventured off to find an equally healthy pud….

(please excuse the awful nail varnish faux pas in this pic – chipped much :/ )

….anyhoo I ended up using soya milk whizzed up with one banana, a tbsp each of peanut butter, coarse oatmeal and flaxseed, tsp spirulina and a tsp icing sugar (the only sweetener I could find – my parents are on a major health kick by the looks of it – woohoo!)

The final result was wonderful and kind of like a yogurt rather than a smoothie (could have added more milk but it was tasty as it was.)

So there you have it my induction into raw food. I couldn’t do it all the time I need my mashed potatoes and pasta! I’ll definitely be introducing more raw aspects into my day to day life though since it was so quick and easy to put together as well as being nutritious to boot 🙂

Any raw food tips for a newbie?


2 thoughts on “Raw food adventures

  1. Smoothies are the way to go. Try mixing veg into the fruit smoothie and add diced veg celery carrot etc after blitzing, then refrigerate and eat as a chilled soup eat with savory oat biscuits. I add chillies in with my fruit/veg soups for and extra bite.
    Learn to make different dressings for veg oil vinegar or lemon, or blueberry and Balsamic but mix it up… add roasted peppers to eat cold with raw salad and root veggies to add different textures on the plate.
    Heep up the good work with your carnivore, but keep any eye on him, sometimes long time meat eaters do not suit our lifestyle and that is a fact, but as he is willing he is a love.

    Brian C

    • Wow thanks for the ideas! You’ve definitely given me some food for thought.
      He is a love lol, though I know what you mean about some people not being suited to it. He’s realizing he can eat some tasty vegan grub though that’s for sure!

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